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Consulting Audio Visual Services Manchester

Consulting Can Mean Different Things To Different People

But it always starts with a conversation to eek out the clients requirements. From their we can help build a picture and help create their vision.

If you are planning a new land or marine based project or a refurbishment we are able to:

* Work closely with the client to establish a brief; their vision and needs.
* Work with your team to define a bespoke system; ready to answer any questions or concerns.
* We can then fully offer up a consultancy document to meet the client’s brief.
* Continue to support the consultancy document through the various stages of the design and build.

Design Audio Visual Installation

Initial concept design is done with close collaboration with the architect or designer to ensure all requirements and expectations are met and managed – no last minute surprises!

Each bespoke system design is based around the  requirements of working closely with the consultant and the design team. From here we can produce cable schedules, system schematics tailored to your project, and incorporated into the architectural/design CAD drawings. These documents can then be passed on to the installation department.

Management Audio Visual Strategy

We Have a Well Thuoght Out Managment Stratergy That Incorporates Forward Thinking, Pro Activeness, Realationship Building, A Realistic Apprroach To Variations, Change Orders and Extras. Its A Very Give And Take Approach That Satisfies Both Parties.

With many years of experience in project management and site management, in the commercial, residential, and marine sectors, we can offer a broad range of management skills. The AV package is always the last one on site and the package that always seems to get pushed to the back of the queue, with this knowledge we are able to point out the critical install items from the not so critical – these are the practicalities of managing an AV install.  Working alongside other contractors we are able to manage the seamless install of your Audio Visual System. This doesn’t mean we lose sight of the health and safety or the commercial aspects of a project.


Installation Services Manchester

The Bedrock Of Our Business That We Are Able To Build On

Our installation engineers have many years’ experience installing systems, in the commercial, residential, and marine sectors. Installing bespoke audio visual solutions from simple 1 projector/1 screen systems to installing full theatres on cruise ships, there really isn’t a corner of the AV industry we don’t have experience in. Our installs are done to the highest standards, making the commissioning and maintainance of your system a seamless and simple excersise. We achieve this with the very best documentation, in the form of training manuels, O & M documents and as built drawings.

Test & Commissioning

The Fun Part Of The Job Were You Get To Realise Your Vision And see Everything Come To Life.

In an ideal world our racks would arrive to site with a commissioning engineer to plug into the already installed and tested cable infrastructure. The reality is that we don’t live in an ideal world. Racks will of course always be tested of site first and made available for of site inspection by the projects consultant, regardless if it’s us doing the consulting or not. Of course in marine based projects all racks are built on site in swing frame racks.

The commissioning process of any jobs like the rest of the project requires many specialist skills from programmers to line up engineers. It will always be done with the lead engineer or a team from the installation phase. For practice reasons, if you spent 6 months installing a system, if there something that’s been plugged up wrong or wire back to front the chances are you’ll get to it quicker than anybody else.

After Care

Engaged With You To Make Sure You Have The Best Possible Expirence

Aftercare aftercare, they’ve all got after care.

When should the warranty period on equipment start? Once you pay for the equipment or when you actually start to use it?

When should the service calls start to be paid for? While your still waiting to pay your final account or when you’ve made all payments and are actually experiencing your new environment?

If we’ve done our job correctly; consulted, designed, managed, installed, and commissioned the installed system – then what could possibly go wrong? Huh! We understand that sometimes things do go wrong so our systems are designed and built with support in mind and our aftercare is built with you our clients in mind.

A regular health check is the very least  you should expect; to keep your systems up to date and minimising the cost of changing technology for optimum performance.