Corporate Audio Visual System Installation Services Manchester

Intergating Technology Into Your Work Space

As an integrator Cream AV has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with the largest principle contractors in this sector of the construction industry.  Delivering projects for some of the biggest institutions; HSBC, Barclays, Bloomberg, Google, CITI, etc……. (more…)

Residential Audio Visual Installation London

From Highend Bespoke Prjects To MDU’s Cream AV Is Uniquely Placed

Cream AV has a wealth of expirence of working in the different sectors of the residential market. Whether your project is a one off bespoke development, or a large scale MDU (multi dwelling unit) project or anything in between, we are uniquely placed to help deliver your project in a very pro-active, no fuss way. Its the relationships on and off site that give a project its success, nothing really to do with the technology being installed. (more…)

Entertainment Installation Manchester

Theatre, Cinema, Games Room, How Do You Consume Or Deliver Entertainment?

Often the most complex and demanding of spaces to get right, from the look and feel to the technology you put in it, your entertainment space needs to deliver your vision. What do you want to achieve from your space? (more…)

Marine Audio Installation Manchester

Owning A Yacht Is The Hight Of Luxury And Desrves The Best Of Luxury Tech For Your Home, From Home Based Marine Residance.

Marine based projects vary in complexity based on budget, but it’s always about bang for your buck. Whether you’re entertaining guests on a cruise ship or a private yacht it’s all about the wow factor. For a cruise ship this could mean a simple theatre to a full sophisticated theatre, to (more…)