Test & Commissioning

The Fun Part Of The Job Were You Get To Realise Your Vision And see Everything Come To Life.

In an ideal world our racks would arrive to site with a commissioning engineer to plug into the already installed and tested cable infrastructure. The reality is that we don’t live in an ideal world. Racks will of course always be tested of site first and made available for of site inspection by the projects consultant, regardless if it’s us doing the consulting or not. Of course in marine based projects all racks are built on site in swing frame racks.

The commissioning process of any jobs like the rest of the project requires many specialist skills from programmers to line up engineers. It will always be done with the lead engineer or a team from the installation phase. For practice reasons, if you spent 6 months installing a system, if there something that’s been plugged up wrong or wire back to front the chances are you’ll get to it quicker than anybody else.