Marine Audio Installation Manchester

Owning A Yacht Is The Hight Of Luxury And Desrves The Best Of Luxury Tech For Your Home, From Home Based Marine Residance.

Marine based projects vary in complexity based on budget, but it’s always about bang for your buck. Whether you’re entertaining guests on a cruise ship or a private yacht it’s all about the wow factor. For a cruise ship this could mean a simple theatre to a full sophisticated theatre, to specialised venues with stage lifts, screens mounted on robotic arms-dancing in unison to the sound of music, to full height aft venue atmospheric projections, to a robotic cocktail bar, and ship-wide systems.

For yachting, your games room can truly be what you want – whatever your imagination conjours up, wow your guests with a fully immersive entertainment space, or even a fully immersive entertaining yacht. If you can’t imagine it then we can help you imagine it.

With so much tech out there, moving and developing at a phenomenal pace, we make it our mission to take your ideas and turn them into reality, so that you can realise the image in your minds eye.

Because of our experience in many different sectors we would align your project with the correct alliance partners all managed through one place – Cream AV.